Medication Therapy Management

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) is a distinct service or group of services that optimize therapeutic outcomes for individual patients. Inappropriate use of medications costs our health care system an estimated $177 billion annually, and more than 1.5 million preventable medication-related adverse events occur each year. The impact of medication-related problems can be minimized by using a structured model for MTM and by pharmacists working collaboratively with the patient and healthcare providers.If you’re taking multiple medications prescribed by more than one doctor. You could also be taking medications that, when combined, may:

  • Reduce the effectiveness of your medications
  • Cause severe side effects
  • Increase medication cost

As part of our service, we will conduct a comprehensive medication review (CMR):

  • Review all medications currently prescribed
  • Ensure medications are safe and effective
  • Answer any questions you may have about your medications
  • Discuss lower-cost alternatives for your medications
  • Discuss any concerns you have about your medications
  • Work with you on ways to keep track of your medications
  • Provide a summary of your consultation

Wellness and Health Promotion Programs

The ultimate aim of this program is to empower individuals to improve their health while maximizing health care costs.   When empowering patients to engage in healthy aging their lifestyle and work environment synergizes.

The environment is an important setting for health protection, health promotion and disease prevention programs.  Maintaining a healthier environment can lower cost.

Services can be provided but not limited to:

  • Corporate and/or government partners
  • Small business entities
  • Educational Institution and/or equivalent
  • Long term Care Facilities
    • Assisted Living Facilities
    • Independent Living Facilities
    • Nursing Homes

Cost Containment Strategies

ANUCO Rx recognizes that effective pharmaceutical cost containment requires multiple strategies be adopted to insure patients receive necessary drug therapy that produces positive outcomes in a cost effective manner.

There are several therapeutics based strategies employed by ANUCO Rx to assist in managing pharmacotherapy:

  • Disease management guideline implementation;
  • Therapeutically equivalent drug substitutions;
  • Formulary management and modification;
  • Non-formulary medication consultations;
  • Drug utilization review; and
  • Pharmaco-economic consultations.

Formulary management is typically overseen by the Pharmacy &Therapeutics Committee (P&T) and will be supported by and facilitated with ANUCO Rx clinical specialists. ANUCO Rx’s philosophy and commitment toour clients is to support local clinical leadership with timely, accurate andinformative data to facilitate effective decision making.

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