As leaders in the communities, maintaining normal operations and protecting employees and students as they return to work/school is a primary concern. Due to the nature of the coronavirus disease, and the threat of infections from asymptomatic cases in a public setting, it is imperative to take all possible steps to minimize risks and create a safe environment.

Implementing a complete COVID-19 testing solution ensures that you are doing everything possible to protect your staff's well being. This service between the individual and healthcare professional improves the individuals' knowledge of their health, identifies and addresses problems or concerns, and educates them on preventing transmission and staying safe and healthy.


  • Rapid Antibody Qualitative Testing
  • PCR Testing (Nasal Swab)
  • Temperature & Symptom Screening
  • Contact Tracing
  • Blood Oxygen Levels Analysis
  • Comprehensive Lung Exam
  • Licensed Healthcare Provider Support

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